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The Office of Court Administration New York State

Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York

Hon. Judy Harris Kluger, Chief of Policy and Planning (Problem Solving Courts)


The Office of Court Administration W.N.Y.

Justice Paula Fereleto, Administrative Judge, 8th Judicial District

Judge Thomas Amodeo, Chief Judge Buffalo City Court

Jeff Smith, Acting Project Director


U.S.Veterans Affairs Western New York Healthcare System

William F. Feeley, Medical Center Director


U.S.Veterans Affairs –Buffalo Vet Center

Richard Jones, Acting Team Leader


U.S.Veterans Benefit Administration –Buffalo Regional Office

Donna Terrell, Director


The Attorneys

Danielle Maichle, Supervising Atty.

Erie County Public Defenders Office

Ray Herman, Asst. Bureau Chief

Erie County District Attorneys Office


Erie County Government

Marlene Roll, Director

Erie County Department of Veterans Services


Veterans Court Coordinators

Pamela LaMancuso,

Alcohol & Drugs Services

Mikel Morris,

Mental Health Services


Court Case Management Staff

Archie Amos

Melenie Lanier


Contact Information

Judge Robert Russell

Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court



Jack O’Connor

Coordinator of  Volunteer Veterans Mentors



Bridget Tychinski, Program Manager,

Pamela LaMancuso, Alcohol & Drugs Services

Mikel Morris, Mental Health Services

Buffalo City Court “C.O.U.R.T.S” Program



Tamekia Slaughter, MSW

John LaHood, VJO

Dept. of Veterans Affairs



Jennifer A Wiese, Counselor

James M Becker,Counselor

Buffalo Vet. Center



Timothy Philo

Veterans Service Representatives

Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Benefit Affairs)