The Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court is a collaborative effort among the W.N.Y. Veterans Project, Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Veteran’s Administration Health Care System, Buffalo Criminal Courts, Buffalo Drug and Mental Health Treatment Courts, Erie County Pre-trial Services and the C.O.U.R.T.S  Program (Court Outreach Unit: Referral and Treatment Service), and the Buffalo Veterans Mentor Group (a separate nonprofit organization).

The court program model was developed using a community based approach. Last year, The Center for Mental Health Services' National GAINS Center developed recommendations for a community-based approach to meet the mental health needs of combat veterans who come in contact with the criminal justice system.  These recommendations offer guidance for engaging justice-involved veterans in services, whether the services are community-based or through the VA health care system. 

The Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court has effectively partnered with the private sector as well.  The Efiia Group provides the court with pro bono technology support services and targeted outreach assistance in Washington, D.C.

Resources to Download:

GAINS Report